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Welcome to the DTC wiki support area!

In this site, you will find many howtos and docs on various subjects for the projects released by GPLHost (DTC, DTC-Xen, etc.).


We would be pleased if you contribute with some articles or corrections to this site. Read more how to contribute to this wiki. (Even partial) translations are also welcome: see the bottom of the left side menu to insert your translation. Note that if you need to upload screenshots, just request the upload attachment password (which is there to avoid spammers), we give it to anyone who asks.

Only this site is the authority for howtos

We would kindly ask you not to produce tutorials on another website than this one. It should be better for everyone that all our information is on this website instead of spead across the web. If you like DTC please enhance this wiki and advertise about it on your own site by linking in.


Please read about the licenses of this website content.

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