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Trouble-Shooting a broken setup

If, like me, you have one or 2 Windows system (we use it for our accounting with our account manager), and it happens that it breaks, you can always mount the primary partition like this:

   mount -o loop,offset=32256 -t vfat /dev/lvm1/xen04 /mnt/loop

Another way is to do:

   lomount -t ext3 -diskimage /xen/my-image.img -partition 2 /media/

This will mount with the offset to the first primary partition using the loopback, and then you can add the following params to boot.ini:

  • /Safeboot Minimal: boot with safe mode
  • /Safeboot Network: boot with safe mode, but with network
  • /Safeboot Minimal(AlternateShell): boot with safe mode with command line

I had to do that after trying the Novell Virtualized evaluation drivers: my windows VPS was running in a loop when booting, and never showed up. You always have many issues with drivers with ms... :)

Page last modified on May 10, 2013, at 05:35 PM EST