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Admin panel access management

The panel installs once, and only once, a .htpasswd file under /var/www/sites. If the installer sees a file there, it wont create another one.

You can manage this file the way you are used to with the binary shipped with apache, namelly "htpasswd". There is no "special user" on "admin user" in the panel, they are all considered normal users.

To change the password for the root user dtc, do the following (considering your hosting path is in /var/www/sites):

   htpasswd /var/www/sites/.htpasswd dtc

To add a new user do the following:

   htpasswd /var/www/sites/.htpasswd NEWUSERNAME

To remove a user, edit the file with your favorite editor and delete the line with the user's login.

Page last modified on February 02, 2007, at 01:59 AM EST