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How to use cgi-scripts?

DTC uses sbox cgi-wrapper, that will do a chroot in your directory. That means that you need to upload any needed library inside the root of the site you want to use your CGI. That includes also any perl library.

That means as well that all the things you setup in your server wont be seen by a CGI script.

If you wish, that feature can be disabled. It's done in the "Domain configuration" of an admin for a each of it's domains. And then this admin will be able to disable SBOX protection in it's subdomain. I repeate, there is 2 places you have to edit to disable it: the domain configuration AND the subdomain.

If you really want to disabled the SBOX cgi protection, you have to keep in mind that the targeted vhost's script will be able to write virtualy anywhere in the server's disk (with the rights of nobody:nogroup).

Page last modified on August 05, 2006, at 09:13 AM EST