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Webmin is a set of modules that interact each with a program installed on a system. It's not designed as a hosting controler package. A quick example. When I need to register a new account for my users, I don't do it myself. I ask them to go on the registration page. They can pay with paypal, but I can also validate manualy each accounts. When I click on ADD, or when my customer pays on paypal, then I get the account automaticaly added to my MTA program (Postfix or Qmail), bind, and Apache. An e-mail is automaticaly sent to the customer, with their username and password. Does Webmin have that? I don't think so.... Forget about webmin, use something professional!

It's not up to us to say bad things about it, even if we heard of some major problems in dependancies: DTC don't suffer from it, it supports any version of PHP, MySQL, Apache and so on. We'd like to have user comments about compared experiences of DTC and comercial products.

"We were looking for a product to manage our webservers and to allow students to automatically register and create their own sites on our intranet with little or no support. Others were either too expensive or required a full-time internet connection. We are very happy with DTC."

                                                     Frank Barcenas
                                                     Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

With DTC, you can choose what MTA you want to use first. All the rest of is either installed automaticaly by dependancies (if using FreeBSD or Debian), or the panel detects it at install, configure and use it if it's there.

It's up to you to install Postfix, or Qmail, and then Dovecot, Courier or qmail-pop3d. The panel will detect what you use, and configure it according to what it founds. Personally, I use Qmail-spp + spf + rbl (and no content filter), plus Courier IMAP and POP3 (from backports) plus mysqmail qmail-pop3d patch, and mysqmail-courier-logger on a Sarge box. I know some that uses Postfix and Dovecot on a Etch box, or some using Qmail with MySQL patch because cdb is too slow for 100K+ accounts.

In more general terms, well... we don't like Plesk at all, it's look and feel and so on. We don't like either cPanel that has a messy way to show everythings. We strongly believe that we are up to the level of our commercial competitors, and sometimes even better.

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