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Mail group

A mail group is a group of email addresses that are referenced by a single email address. for example.

Bill has a sales team consisting of 5 members and wants to reduce the time it takes for him to communicate with his team.

He logs into his DTC customer panel and creates an email group with the address He then adds his sales team to the box underneath.


now whenever Bill or anyone else wants to communicate with his sales team, they just need to email

Mailing list

After working hours, Bill is a keen race car driver. Bill likes to keep in touch with many other race car drivers and they all like to chat over email. The problem is that by the time these guys put all the cc and to addresses in the emails, someone always gets left out not to mention that there are so many race car drivers, this method is getting too difficult to manage. Some drivers leave or change emails etc.


Bill logs into his DTC customer panel and creates a mailing list. He sets many options but the important one being that people must subscribe to this list before they can post.

Now when Bills race car friends want to join the email conversation, they send an email to the list Bill created and they get an email back asking them to join. Once this is done, whenever they want to say something to the group, they send an email to the mailing list and the server will send that mail to everyone else who belongs to that list.

This list can grow and grow with minimal administration because the users themselves subscribe and unsubscribe to the list.

A mailing list is a much better way to handle large numbers of users discussing a related subject.

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