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What is the difference in packages?

  • dtc - A web control panel for admin and accounting hosting services. After manually installing all packages for Email, FTP, MySql, and other server programs, DTC package brings them together to allow you a control panel for web hosting.
  • dtc-postfix-courier - This package is the same as dtc, except it sets up postfix and courier for email. (more depends)
  • dtc-toaster - This is a meta package depending on every package that you need to use the DTC (meta package)
  • dtc-common - This package contains the common files for DTC.
  • dtc-stats-daemon - dtc-xen VM statistics for the dtc web control panel. This small daemon will query all the dtc-xen servers that you have configured in DTC and fetch the statistics from them: I/O stats, network and CPU. This information is then stored in DTC for your customer accounting.
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