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DTC release schedule

Unlike commercial applications, open source programs don't need to follow a schedule established in advance to fulfill a money-driven agenda. For this reason, DTC's next version will only be released when we believe it's ready. In other words, there's no planned release date. In fact, DTC only follows the release schedule of major distributions (mostly Debian inf fact), to make sure the current stable is ready to work together with the current stable distribution.

If you want to know how often we update DTC, the git log speaks for itself. Here's the stable branch:

the little yellow tags are the stable release versions, currently we are running 0.30.20. The stable release receive very few new features, and never breaks, it's mostly bugfixes taken from the master branch. There's no real schedule for bug-fix releases, I just do one when I believe a fix is important. I release about one new major version a year, the last big update was at the end of last year.

Then we are working on the master branch, where we are more free to break things, and which is the most feature-full. To give you an idea of new stuffs, the master branch contains a working registrar API and 3 registrar modules, more payment gateways, FreeBSD compatibility, etc. The git log is here:;a=shortlog

On both URLs, you'll find dates on the left side. Also, this Git-web gives you a rough idea of the development activity on the project.

Page last modified on July 16, 2010, at 07:00 AM EST