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Can I have the panel have an URL for all my sites?

NO! You can't. Impossible, it will never work, and here's why.

For sure, you want to have the control panel use SSL, because it deals with lot's of password that you don't want people to read. The problem is that the way SSL works, you need one IP for each sites you want SSL to work. That would mean that if you want and, you would need one different IP for each, and that's not a very good "freature" right?

When you deal with SSL, the web server needs to know what is the website in order to find the correct SSL certificate to decode the browser's request. It's impossible to get the hostname in the request, because the request itself is crypted, so you would need the certificate in order to find the certificate (and that sounds like an infinite loop...).

Some newer browser (like the newest IE for example) supports a new protocol for SSL, that allows to run multiple SSL sites on a single IP address, but most don't, and will never do. That's why it will never be possible to do it.

What we could do would be a redirection, at maximum, but it's a bit useless.

Page last modified on May 10, 2006, at 08:38 AM EST