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Introduction to Git for people wishing to code with us

GPLHost uses git for source code control. We moved from CVS to git because it's quite possibly the best source code control system available in the free software world.

Our public git repositories are located at You can use our Git Web repository browser as well.

To check a particular project out, all you need to do is:

git clone<project repo name>.git [directory name]

BE PATIENT The first git clone takes a bit of time, and it's not very verbose. For a project like DTC, the amount and size of files makes it quite long over a not-so-fast network link, and currently, my local git clone folder for DTC is bigger than 100MB, and it's growing every day. That's because Git is keeping all the history in every repo. Cumbersome at first, but very convenient because it lets you inspect all of DTC history, very, very fast, without an Internet connection. Oh, if you interrupt it with Ctrl-C, git will erase all the files you just tried to clone.

Unlike CVS, people don't commit directly into a master repository. This is actually more efficient because there's no need to manage CVS privileges anymore, you just notify the build master and he fetches your changes into the master tree. You're also free to publish your own Git tree everywhere on the Internet if you need to share with others.

So, if you want to get your changes to any of our projects into the official repositories, please ping our current build master and let him know you want him to pull your changes. You can also mail patches (prepared with Git) directly to our build master (see your manual page for git-format-patch).

You're encouraged to read the following resources to learn more about git:

You'll love it!

Page last modified on June 16, 2010, at 05:23 PM EST