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How to manage branching with Git

1. Creating branches starting at a tag

This will create a branch using the 0.29.6 tag as a start:

   git branch stable-0.29 0.29.6

2. Switching between branches

   git checkout stable-0.30

will make it so the sources in your repo will be the stable-0.30

   git checkout master

will return to the master.

3. Add paches already in the Git master branch

   git cherry-pick -x f03ffce29627b15a938ba6f0145dc93fb93f6d83

will take the patch f03ffce29627b15a938ba6f0145dc93fb93f6d83 and try to merge it. If it fails, edit the failed file, then do:

   git commit -i path/to/file.php

to commit your merge resolved.

4. Pushing the branch to the public Git

Edit your .git/remotes/public, and add a second Push: line like this:

   Push: stable-0.30

5. Get a branch from a public repository

Do it like this:

    git checkout -b stable-0.30 origin/stable-0.30

Then the following command will show on what branch you will be working with:

   git branch

6. Now an example on how to use branching

First clone the dtc git public repo, and get the stable branch:

   apt-get install git-core curl
   git clone
   cd dtc
   git checkout -b stable-0.30 origin/stable-0.30
   git checkout master

This did a clone of both the stable and Git version of DTC, then we went back to the master branch.

Now, do all the modifications you want to the master now. When you are happy with the changes, you can type "git commit -a" and this will create a commit that you can later send to the stable if you like. Here is how:

   git commit -a
   git log | more

then see the sha string ? Something like d3321db468f8e0be3c44c228b26669484fb723b6 is what you are looking for. Then simply do like this to backport your patch:

   git checkout stable-0.30
   git cherry-pick -x d3321db468f8e0be3c44c228b26669484fb723b6

Then you can build the stable version with the patch included:


I know all this sounds complicated, but in fact, it's NOT when you are used to it.

Oh, and if you want to go back to before your patch, simply do:

   git reset --hard d3321db468f8e0be3c44c228b26669484fb723b6

Take care, this REMOVES any modifications you did after that hash key.

7. Some more commands to track the branch of somebody

   git remote add rudd-o
   git fetch rudd-o
   git branch -r
   git branch --track centos-rpm rudd-o/centos-rpm
Page last modified on September 28, 2009, at 10:54 AM EST