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Issue: DTC has to become IPv6 Ready at some point.

Document Purpose: In this document I hope to outline the things we need to do to get DTC ready for IPv6 Hosting. I plan to list the systems that need change and propose what has to be done. At the same time I will propose some system design. Edit the document at will, these are simply my rambling because I need to have DTC ready for IPv6 :) - Don

Assumptions: We will assume that the server that DTC is running on already has IPv6 installed and a /64 routed to it.

We will assume that each domain will have its own IPv6 IP assigned to it (a bit like setting up a SSL IP)


DTC general configuration-->IP Addresses and network: This screen will have the servers IPv6 IP address added and saved in the database.

The Address will be entered as xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx/yy so that we can work out how many addresses are in the pool.

DTC general configuration-->IP address pool editor: This screen will have fields added for IPv6 addresses as well as the IPv4 (I confess I don't really know what this page does yet.)

DTC general configuration-->SSL dedicated IP addresses: This page won't have to be changed other than saying that they're IPv4 addresses as each domain will get its own IPv6 address this area is not relevant to VPv6.

DTC general configuration-->Dedicated server IP address pool editor: Fields will have to be added to assign IPv6 Addresses.

DTC general configuration-->Named zonefiles: Here we will add a flag to control the creation of an AAAA record for the domain. We have to make the assumption that some people won't want to run IPv6 on their system so we need to be able to turn IPv6 off.... we might want a flag in the general set up?

Configuration generation: Each of the file generators will have to be updated to include the required settings for IPv6.

Hosting product manager: No change

Renewals management: No change

Server monitor: Might want to monitor IPv6 traffic separately?

Bandwidth monitor: Does the data counting system need work? I don't know how data is counted - can't comment.

Customer management: No change

Users administration-->Client Interface-->My Account information: SSL Token/IP address will need to read IPv4 Address Token

Users administration-->Client Interface-->General information of - Screen will need to show allocated IPv6 address.

Users administration-->Client Interface-->DNS/MX: No change - changes to the zone file will just show up.

Users administration-->Client Interface-->Subdomains: IP address will have to become IPv4 Address with a new field for IPv6 address/CName. Dynamic IP update login: - system is going to have to be changed to allow reporting of IPv6 as the location.

Users administration-->Configuration of the domains: New field for assigning IPv6 Address.

This is going to require an allocation database of some kind. At present the IPv4 addresses are added then allocated by just choosing one from the list of available addresses.

Address allocation needs to be automatic based on whats been allocated to the server in the General Set up?

There is not reason to allocate more than on IP to a domain.

Users administration-->Admin Editor: No change

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Page last modified on August 05, 2010, at 08:31 AM EST