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Development roadmap

This is more a TODO than a road map as nothing has a deadline (yet). As always, we never publish any estimated time of release for our improvements, but people who have been using our control panel for a long time know that we DO work hard and that we always push our developments further.

This type of software is the type that will never be said to be finished, but we still hope to declare a version 1.0 one day. I believe it will be 1.0 when the reseller and affiliation functions will be done, which isn't so far away now.

With the latest 0.32.x release, we now have full support for domain name registration, which has been expected by many for years.

TODO list:

  • Add a remove a service function in the client interface
  • Finish reseller interface (enable quota and flag edition of subadmins)
  • Finish the affiliation system
  • Add attachment support in the support ticket system.
  • Add support for Alipay and a Chinese registrar
  • Recurring payment (paypal)
  • Add support for moving domains with one click if 2 panels are registered each other (using the .dtc XML files, that saves a domain conf, plus rsync)
  • Import from other (commercial) control panels (see the contrib folder with some export from cPanel).
  • Database of things installed with the package installer, and an easy update thing...
  • Add rDNS zones to the backup DNS system
  • Review the webnic (new) API
  • Add an API for buying SSL certificates and implement taking information from customer for the certificate (org name, email, etc)
  • Full IPv6 support
  • A GUI for apache .htaccess (password protections, etc.)
  • SNMP monitoring for bandwidth of dedicated servers

Things already done in the Git (version 0.33.x)

  • Make it possible to renew more than one service at once
  • User cron jobs
  • Export of transactions to GNUCash (.qif format)
  • Search engine to search quickly for IPs and email addresses
  • Chroot all PHP vhosts (and make it optional, with chroot by default) using SBOX enhanced version.
  • A remove domain function in the client interface

Less important things:

  • Find a SMART way to handle disk quotas (not using UID/GID quotas), maybe using XFS project quotas.

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