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Features of the client side of the web control panel

  • Has full configuration capabilities of all you need (subdomains, DNS MX & TXT records, ssh accounts, mailing lists, mailboxes, etc...)
  • Has details of monthly usage statistics in realtime for all services (web, mail and ftp)
  • Does webalizer statistics every day, and archive of raw logs each days with gzip each month and deletion in one year.
  • Includes a package installer to do easy quick installation of many tools (phpBB, osCommerce, Drupal, PHPNuke, etc.): this is a fantastico like feature!!!
  • Includes a complete implementation of all the features of MLMMJ (Mailing List Make it Joyfull), which we believe is the best mailing list manager available currently under Unix.
  • Has mailing list archive support using MHonArc
  • Supports domain parking (eg: domain aliasing) so all mail, subdomains and web space redirect to the domain you want
  • Has a database manager to create databases with ease
  • domain parking (or domain aliasing)

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