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General features of DTC

The panel in general

  • Has 3 panels: admin, shared account (client), and email mini-panel
  • No special version of the daemons. Can run with virtualy any apache, MySQL, or PHP version.
  • Can work with virtualy any Unix system that understands sh and php (however the installer may not be up-to-date for all Unix currently, but this is going to be fixed in the future version, maybe for version 1.0).
  • MX and NS backup servers can be setup between 2 DTC panels
  • Currently lacks of a reseller interface, but some code is in already to address the gap
  • Has REAL TIME support for statistics for all the services (web, mail, ftp) at the user level
  • Has domain parking facility (domain aliasing for web, dns and mail)
  • Supports up to 12 languages currently, some only with partial support (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portugese are fully translated, or nearly up-to-date, orther languages like simplyfied chinese, russuan, german, etc. need more contributions)
  • SSH access per vhosts can be granted, protection done with chroot + chuid (implementation done using NSSMySQL and sudo)
  • Supports all web browser including IE, Firefox, Opera, and text browsers like Lynx and Links.
  • Can be totally scripted for all the functions of the panel by php, CURL and so on, simply calling an URL.
  • optional registrar API (currently Tucows, and partial implementation of webnic)
  • supports payment gateways (currently Paypal and eNETS) with IAA (Instant Account Activation)
  • Super admin can build hosting plans
  • Has a package automatic installer
  • anti-spam with support of Amavis, Clamav and Spamassassin
  • Support IP that binds on a LAN (behind NAT)
  • Can do FTP backup of all your domains and MySQL database, including the dtc one

Apache web server and DNS

  • Supports Apache 1.3 or Apache 2
  • Has 'cgi wrapper doing chroot, cpu, memory and I/O limitations so it's safe to use CGI under a shared account
  • Support dyndns like features with IP update by a tiny client (currently only under Unix, Windows client under development)
  • Supports TXT and CNAME records for DNS
  • Redirects all pages to a custom 404 page that can be modified
  • Supports dynip updates
  • Supports non-resolveable domains aliasing (eg: if does not resolves yet)

The mail system

  • Has support for both Qmail and Postfix, and it would be easy to add support for others (like Exim)
  • Can work with Qmail-pop3d, Courier pop/imap, Dovecot pop/imap
  • Cyrus integration is nearly finished
  • Under Postfix, supports virus scanning using amavis + clamav and spam detection and quarantine under un SPAM imap folder using spamassassin (can be (un)activated per mailbox)
  • Under Postfix, supports vacation message (send only one for each mail sent by a given contact)
  • Mailing List System - The mailing list feature in DTC is a front end for MLMMJ. You can find out more about MLMMJ on the Freshmeat web site here...
  • Supports TLS and AUTH for mail (for both Qmail and Postfix)

To be continued

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