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DTC has the ability to backup your hosting data (web sites, databases, etc) to a remote server and similarly to restore that data.

Three files are used by this function:

  • /var/lib/dtc/etc/ -- The shell script run on the "source" server to fire off the actual backup.
  • /var/lib/dtc/etc/ -- A restore script.
  • /var/lib/dtc/etc/ncftpput_login.cfg -- User data to log in via FTP to the "target"/backup server.

To use this backup system, you must install "ncftp" because the backup will use ncftpput (which is also normally setup by the dependencies of dtc-postfix-courier) to log into and transfer files to the backup(target) FTP server.

Let's assume this configuration:

  • The DTC system you want to back up is on the hostname of "".
  • The server you want to use for backups is located at "".

Set up:

First, create an FTP account on "".

Next, edit the file /var/lib/dtc/etc/ncftpput_login.cfg on "" Add the username, password and host name that you created on "". To use our example:

  pass xyz123abc

Finally, go to the DTC control panel on "" to the "DTC general configuration --> FTP backup" web page of the panel. Add in the relevant data for the FTP account you created and set the frequency of how often you want to back up.

Voila! You're done. :-)

A good idea is to manually run the shell script "/var/lib/dtc/etc/" from the command line of "". This way you can watch the script execute and you'll see what it's doing and if it is reporting any errors.

Need details on restoring DTC and using the "/var/lib/dtc/etc/" script. Feel free to edit and add to this wiki. :-)


  • The ncftpput_login.cfg is written by the Web UI and doesn't have to be manually updated.
  • Backup directory (as configured in the UI) has to be created manually
  • The Backup only includes the most vital stuff, i.e. the apache module config files are not contained. These will be restored by the DTC install, but you might lose overrides, i.e. for mod_bwlimit.

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Page last modified on January 05, 2011, at 02:37 PM EST