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Note: This is incomplete at this this time, but is being updated


  • 2007.02.15 - I think I have a full dependency list. I am created a snapshot of this point to easily go back to it when needed. As of right now, the snapshot includes an installed and up-to-date gentoo system, with the emerge list below + cvs.
  • 2007.02.14 - The DTC provided installer doesn't fully work, missing paths seem to be the main problem


I try to continue to use the latest code from CVS, which is at the time of the last edit 25.1.
I am going through the install documenting as much as I can on what I had to change to get it to work. This is the first step of getting DTC onto gentoo. The next step will be to fix the install script so that it actually works. Then we will have to work on separating what goes into the ebuild (if anything) and what goes into the install script. I think anything new files copied by DTC, or copies of library files should be handled by the ebuild, so the uninstall can successfully handle the removal of these files and no stale files are left behind. The leaves all the services configuration to be handled by the installer
We are going to go through and setup all the dependencies, and get DTC installed with a base working for a shared hosting setup. Maybe in the future this will cover all the features of DTC, but for now it will implement the features I choose.



  • emerge -tvp postfix courier-imap apache pure-ftpd screen fontconfig unrar zip unzip zziplib mhonarc fakeroot chrootuid openntpd ncftp php bind rrdtool mrtg PEAR-PEAR Digest-HMAC Digest-SHA1 HTML-Parser HTML-Tagset URI Net-IP Net-DNS Net-CIDR-Lite Mail-SPF-Query libnss-mysql pam_mysql crypt-cbc PEAR-Auth_SASL spamassassin clamav phpmyadmin webalizer awstats squirrelmail amavisd-new
    • use flags: cli cgi curl gd imap crypt mhash spell snmp xmlrpc xsl sockets xml xmlreader xmlwriter fontconfig png jpeg sasl authdaemond milter
      • vhost could be set, so the webapps don't get copied over to localhost?
      • php-recode was suggested in one of the Ubuntu installs, but Gentoo's ebuild said it confilcts with mysql and imap, of which mysql is kind of necessary :)
  • ipv6? Socket6
  • dtc_mod_log_sql
    • I will add an ebuild for this later, b/c there will probably be a handful of custom ebuilds, and I will just tar them all up.


  • run the installer, and choose the options for your setup. I found had my root mysql password set before I ran this, so I didn't have it change it.
  • here I will add in some of the fixes I had to add to the

Issues in the installer

  • the php-cli ini is in /etc/cli-php5/php.ini, the apache2 config is in /etc/apache2-php5/php.ini , this allows different configs for each
  • rrdtool path either needs to be changed or needs to be created

Isses after the installer finishes

  • /usr/share/dtc/etc/vhosts.conf doesn't exist
  • After an install of mod_log_sql, it's .conf conflicts with some of the settings in DTC. For now in 42_mod_log_sql.conf, edit out LogSQLLoginInfo, LogSQLMassVirtualHosting, LogSQLTransferLogFormat, LogSQLTransferLogFormat (inside if)
  • .htaccess isn't where it is suppose to be, I'm trying to find it :)

Notes for creating an ebuild

  • All library linkage and handling should try to be handle within the ebuild, so it can easily be cleaned up when uninstalled.
  • All files being copied from within the DTC tarball should be handled with the ebuild
  • Ebuild's allow a post install config to be ran by the user, this is where the rest of DTC's isntall script should go. This will setup MYSQL database, and all the program config files.

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