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This page contains useful tips on managing disk space on your system.

   cd /
   du -d 15 -h | grep -P '^[0-9\.]+G'

This command will help you find folders that have used up to much storage.

   1.6G    ./var/www/sites/dtc/
   1.6G    ./var/www/sites/dtc
   18G     ./var/www/sites
   18G     ./var/www
   21G     ./var

You can see that the yournet domain has consumed 1.6G of disk space while the whole var folder is using 21G.

Log Files

You should also know that log files don't just exist in /var/log


They also exist in the users log folder.

   tail -f error.log

Use this command to watch errors for a specific site.

You can turn verbose logging off. Please see our page on managing the web server for more information.

Note that if you delete a large log file you will then have to restart the web server so that the deleted file is released and the space can be recovered to the file system.

   /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Monitoring the disk system

   watch -n1 df -h

This command is useful to have open in a window if you know you're having a problem. It lets you watch disk capacity.

  watch -n1 df -ih

This version will watch inodes. This is also useful to know about if you're running drivish as it creates hard links in the file system. It is possible to run out of hard link capacity before you run out of disk space.

Expanding the Disk System

If you've followed our installation recommendations and set up a DTC-XEN system on LVM then this section explains how to expand your disk system.

To see how much space is still free on the LVM for your VMs: ...

To add more capacity you need to add a new disk to your system, format it, then add it to the Logical Volume Group that your VM's exist on.

Expanding your VMs Disk Capacity.

Assuming you have enough free space in the LVG (Logical Volume Group), this is a simple two step process which can be done on your live system.

Frist, allocate the Volume more space...

root@myDom0:/# lvextend -L+40G /dev/vg01/xen04 File descriptor 7 (pipe:[108698]) leaked on lvextend invocation. Parent PID 23196: bash

  Extending logical volume xen04 to 120.00 GiB
  Logical volume xen04 successfully resized

Second, log into your VM and expand the disk...

root@:myvps>_ /var/lib/dtc/etc/ssl# resize2fs /dev/xvda resize2fs 1.42.5 (29-Jul-2012) Filesystem at /dev/xvda is mounted on /; on-line resizing required old_desc_blocks = 5, new_desc_blocks = 8 Performing an on-line resize of /dev/xvda to 31457280 (4k) blocks. The filesystem on /dev/xvda is now 31457280 blocks long.

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