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User Mail Filter Rules Setup

DTC has Sieve support in the mail stack.

Sieve is a server side scripting language for email filter management. This means that your users can filter messages as they hit the mail server without having to set up email rules on their own client software.

Thunderbird has a plugin for editing the mail rules.

Your user should edit the 'custom' rule set.

Below is an example.

At present DTC doesn't ship with Sieve support for Roundcube installed.

See: sites) sites) sites)

I'm currently working on getting it into the dev git for Wheezy.

Info on Sieve syntax can be found here: sites) sites)

DTC Setup on Wheezy


   #Add this to /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf to cause dovecot to write more detailed logging information to the logs.

Set up debugging in the conf file

   #This will follow errors in the system log.
   tail -f /var/log/sieve.log

   #This will follow info in the individual users mail box.
   tail -f /var/www/sites/bowenvale/

Note: There is a bug in versions prior to V0.38.7 R1 which means that custom.sieve doesn't work.

As at DTC version V0.38.6 R1 it appers that the Thunderbird plug in will edit the rules on the server but they don't run. Errors are being presented:

   Sep 08 08:36:54 lda( Error: sieve: failed to open script /var/www/sites/bowenvale/ (view user logfile /var/www/sites/bowenvale/ for more information)

   sieve: info: started log at Sep 08 01:28:15.
   main script: line 6: error: included personal script 'custom.sieve' does not exist.
   main script: error: validation failed.

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