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If you need to rename a Xen host, you have to make some manual database adjustments. The host name is referred a few times:

  • for the SOAP connection (main vps server entry)
  • for the display string that is shown for the server
  • for each vps running on a server
  • for the performance data, both from historical months and the current month.


1. You *must* stop the dtc-stats-daemon. It logs performance data every minute and once you change the xen host's name there will be one record per vps with the old name and one with the new name. So you'd break them all.

2. It is possible to rename the host in the DTC General Configuration -> VPS Servers -> Save This only matters if there's many people working in DTC admin and you want to make the change visible asap.

3. check all tables that contain *vps* and rename the host to it's new name. (I don't know any notable SQL so I did it by hand, add a section with the update statement if you can)

4. restart the dtc-stats-daemon

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