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To set which version of debian is installed when setting up a new Debian VPS edit: /etc/dtc-xen/dtc-xen.config

The default file is well documented.

This file also allows you to force installation of older Debian versions.

Following are the command line instructions to set up a vps server:

dtc_setup_vps_disk 06 10000 1024 lvm

06 means it will become xen06 10000 means it will get 10Gig of disk space 1024 means it gets 1gig of ram

dtc_reinstall_os -v -vpsid 06 -ram 1024 -nic,, -pass mypass -os debian -gw -dns

This means that we will install debian as the os with the network card set up:

IP:, Subnet:, Broadcast: Gateway: DNS:

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