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Upgrading a DTC server from Etch to Lenny

1. Read the release notes

First of all, make sure you read the release notes before upgrading. They are not specific to DTC itself, but you will find lot's of valuable information there on how to upgrade. These are available here:

2. Main principle

Just upgrade as described in the release notes. In general, if Debian is asking if you want to overwrite the configuration files of a given program, answer YES to it. Once it is done, you just need to restart the DTC shell installer as follow:


which will reconfigure all the daemons as needed (and redo the modifications overwritten by new configuration files). Note that the version in the GPLHost repository is more up to date than the Debian one, so you can keep the GPLHost reopsitory.

I insist once more. When a package asks you to overwrite its configuration, like:


say yes, overwrite the old configuration file by the new one from the package maintainer. Let it break (or rather, deconfigure) your system, the /usr/share/dtc/admin/install/install script of DTC will redo the necessary changes.

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