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This screen allows you to manage the email accounts on this domain.

  • Catch-all email set to deliver to: - This feature allows you to set an email account to receive all the mail that is addressed incorrectly to be sent to a specific account for this domain.
  • List of your mailboxes: - This is a list of the accounts already set up for this domain.
  • Number of active mailboxes: - This feature shows you how many email accounts have been allocated to this domain and how many have already been used.
  • new mailbox - Click this link to add a new mail box to this domain.
  • Mailbox configuration: - The parameters for an active mail box are displayed under this heading.

Mail Features

  • Login - This is the actual email address. So, joe.bloggs in this field will become
  • Name - This is the name of the email account holder. It will show up in messages sent from the web mail. This field can be left blank.
  • Password - This is the password that will be used to log into web mail and used by the users POP or IMAP client software. There are no rules but it's good practice to set a secure password.
  • This button generates a random password for you.
  • This button will cause the password field to display the password in plain text rather than *****. This feature is useful when editing a sub-domain if you have forgotten what password you set when you originally created the record.
  • Enable SPAM filtering - This setting will cause DTC to move anything that is tagged as SPAM by spamassassin or amavisd into the configured SPAM folder (if you've configured a spam folder).
SPAM will still be flagged as spam by spamassassin or amavisd even if this feature is not selected, so the user can filter out the spam using their email client such as Thunderbird.
  • SPAM mailbox destination - This is the folder that DTC will put the SPAM into if you've selected the Enable SPAM filtering feature.
  • Mailbox quota - This feature lets you send a limit on the amount of disk space that this user can have in their mailboxes, in megabytes.
Note: This value applies to the total space used in the users Mailbox folder, including sub folders such as SPAM and sent mail.
The maximum size for this field is 2GB. (2000mb)
Courier (the DTC mail system) will automatically send the user an email if their mail box gets to 90% of their limit.
Courier will automatically reject messages once the mail box is full and will send an error message to any one who tries to send a message to that mail box.
Set this field to 0 if you want no limit to be placed on the users account.
  • Mailbox max files quota - This value is the maximum number of files that are allowed in the users Mailbox folder. The limit for this field is 2 billion (2,000,000,000).
Set this field to 0 if you want no limit to be placed on the users account.
This limit can be helpful if you're also running mailbox backups as a large number of small files can slow the backups down.
  • Redirection 1 - This field is for an email address that you want all messages to be sent to when they arrive in the users inbox. It can contain any valid email address.
This field will work even when Deliver messages locally in INBOX is turned off. This will cause the email account to become a simple redirect service.
Note: Some ISPs block email that comes through redirects so you do need to check that the mail will get through.
  • Redirection 2 - This field does the same as Redirection 1.
  • Deliver messages locally in INBOX - If you turn this field off the users mail will not be stored on the server. Use this field in combination with the redirection fields will cause the mail box to become a simple redirect service.
  • Check to send a bounce message (vacation) - This field will cause the server to send an email to the sender of any email received in the mail box while the service is turned on. This feature is helpful for people who are away from their email for some time, such as a holiday break.
Mail is still delivered to the users Inbox so you do need to make sure that the user has enough capacity allocated.
  • Bounce message content - This field contains the message that you want sent to the sender of an email when you have the Check to send a bounce message (vacation) option selected.
  • This button will save changes to the record you’re working on.
  • This button will delete the mail box currently displayed.
Note: The delete function removes the mail box from the mail system but will leave any existing messages in the Mailbox directory on the server. If you want to free up the disk space you need to use SSH or FTP to remove the unused folders.
Page last modified on July 16, 2010, at 05:33 AM EST