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Mail Groups

This screen lets you manage lists of mail groups.

A mail group is where you assign one email address that will have messages sent to more than one other email address. Eg might be set up to send any emails to every member of the sales staff email boxes.

Addresses in the delivery group don’t all have to be for your domain. Eg. In our example you can combine with, and to have the same message sent to all three mail boxes.

  • List of your mail groups - This shows a list of the mail groups already set up for the current domain.
  • Create Mail Group - Click this link to create a new mail group.

Mail Group Features:

  • Email - This is the email address that will be assigned to the mail group.
  • Delivery Group - Enter email addresses to be included in the group, in this field. Each address goes on a new line. Any valid email address can be included (ie, they don't have to be at the current domain).
  • This button will save changes to the record you’re working on.
  • This button will delete the mail group currently displayed.
Page last modified on July 16, 2010, at 05:35 AM EST