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SSH Accounts

This screen lets you set up and manage SSH access to your hosting server. You use SSH to access the command line interface on the server.

SSH Account Features:

  • Login – specify the user name to use in your ssh client software on your computer.
  • Password – specify a password for the ssh user account.
  • This button generates a random password for you.
  • This button will cause the password field to display the password in plain text rather than *****. This feature is useful when editing a sub-domain if you have forgotten what password you set when you originally created the record.
  • Path – You can control the root access for each user. For example, you can allow one user to have access to all the folders in your hosting account, while also limiting another user to only have access to the web site folders.
  • This button will save changes to the record you’re working on.
Page last modified on July 16, 2010, at 08:14 AM EST