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This page provides access to a more detailed break down of the data used by the selected domain.

Summaries are broken down in to the following areas: HTTP (web site traffic), FTP (File Transfers), SMTP (Outgoing Email), POP3 (Incoming Email) and IMAP (Managed Email)

This break down can be very useful if you’re trying to figure out what is using up the allocated data transfer on your account. For example, if you have a large number of email account users who are using POP3 from more than one computer you might see a large transfer. Moving these uses from POP3 to IMAP might reduce the traffic.

  • Detailed web statistics (HTTP) of your subdomains – Stats are generated for each sub-domain in your main domain. The links below the heading will take you to the stats page for the given sub-domain.
  • Protect your logs and stats folder with a password – This feature lets you put a password on your stats page ( so that other users of the internet can’t browse your stats.
  • Copy to subdomains – Check this feature if you want your password on all your sub-domains and not just the www default.
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