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This screen is used to manage your databases in the servers MySQL database system. More extensive administration can be performed using PhpMyAdmin. A link to PhpMyAdmin is located in the top left hand corner of the screen under the “Take control of your domain name” slogan.

Database Features

  • Your Users - This feature lets you and and remove database users.
    • User - This field is for the user name to be used by the database system to create databases.
    • Password - This field is the password for the user field (above).
    • Action - Three actions can be performed, Save - to save a new password for a user, Delete - to delete a user from the system, Create - to save a newly created user.
      • Save - Save a new password for the given user.
      • Delete - Delete the selected user. Note: You can't delete a user that still owns databases.
      • Create - Save a new user to the system.
  • List of your databases - This feature lists databases owned by this Admin.
    • Database Name - Name of the database in the database server.
    • User - Name of the user that manages this database.
    • Action - Two actions can be performed, Save - to change the assigned user for a database, Delete - to delete the selected database.
      • Save - Assign a different user to manage a database.
      • Delete - Delete the database from the database server.
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