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Support Ticket System

This screen is for lodging and managing support requests.

When you create a support message the administrators of your server are automatically notified.

When an administrator responds to your query an email is automatically sent to you to let you know that you have received a response.

Support Functions:

  • Submit new support issue
  • Old tickets – you can view past queries. You can also reopen a query by adding another message to it. For example if you’re still having problems with and issue that you had previously raised, you might add a new query to the existing ticket to help the administrator of your site see the trail of messages that have already passed on the same issue.

Support Ticket Features

  • Subject – This field is displayed in the list of old messages, so making it as meaningful as possible is helpful.
  • What is your server hostname – This field tells you and the administrators which system you’re on. In most cases this information won’t be very meaningful to you but does help the administrators to quickly manage your problems.
  • Type of problem – Your site administrator will have set up DTC to have different categories for problems. It is always best to choose the option that closest fits your problem. This helps the administrators to determine who will be helping you on systems where there is more than one admin.
  • Full description of the trouble – This field is where you enter the details of your problem. Providing a meaningful description will best help your administrator to resolve your problem quickly. The field has a limited size so it is best not to include large error reports such as log files. If you have kept a log file or screen print then you should tell your administrator that you have it and wait for them to ask you to provide it to you (normally by email).
Page last modified on July 16, 2010, at 10:10 AM EST