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Account Login

The login screen gives you the ability to log into your hosting account.

It also provides links to the Email panel, Registration Screen, Password Recovery screen, Documentation and PhpMyAdmin (the database administration tool).

You can choose to use text menus. This is helpful if you're on a slow internet connection.

DTC supports a number of different language. You can make your choice using the flags at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Account Administration

This screen gives you access to five areas, your domains, the ability to change to text menus and log out.

  • My Account – Gives you details about your hosting account such as statistics, payments you’ve made and the ability to add a new domain or service to your account (if your account lets you do this).
  • Domain Features – Contains a set of sub menus which allow you to manage the individual domain. The DTC client panel has the ability to manage many domains (if your account lets you do this).
  • Databases – Gives you the ability to add database users and databases to your hosting account. Databases are shared between all the domains in your hosting account.
  • Password – Gives you the ability to change the password of your hosting account.
  • Support Tickets – Gives you the ability to ask a question to the system administrator
  • Help – Displays the online help screen
  • Logout – Logs you out of the hosting control panel
  • Use Text Menus – Transfers you to the text mode.
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