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DTC supports unlimited domain aliasing (or parking, or pointing).

To point two or more domain names to a website, do the following in DTC:

(Of course, skip any steps you have already done!)
  • Set up your primary domain, then upload your website content.
If you wish, you can use DTC default page for testing, prior to uploading content.
  • Add all domains to be used as aliases.
Go to 'Admin editor' tab under User Administration, then 'Add a domain for this user:'
Each domain will appear in the 'Client interface' tab
  • In 'Client interface' tab, select a domain to use as an alias (not primary domain for site)
Under 'This domain will be the alias of the following domain (domain parking):'
Choose the primary domain from the pulldown, then click on the 'tick'
Repeat this step for as many domain aliases as you want for your website.
Page last modified on May 21, 2008, at 01:21 PM EST