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How to Configure A Users Mail Box

This screen allows you to manage the email account on this domain.

Mail Features:

  • Login
  • Name
  • Password
This button generates a random password for you.
This button will cause the password field to display the password in plain text rather than *****. This feature is useful when editing a mail box if you have forgotten what password you set when you originally created the record.
  • Enable SPAM filtering
  • SPAM mailbox destination
  • Mailbox quota
Set this option to 0 for no quota to be applied.
  • Mailbox max files quota
Set this option to 0 for no quota to be applied.
  • Redirection 1
  • Redirection 2
  • Deliver messages locally in INBOX
Mail boxes can be set up to redirect mail to other mail boxes only.
  • Check to send a bounce message (vacation)
  • Bounce message content
  • - This button will save changes to the record you’re working on.

Also see: Email Account Fields Explained

Page last modified on July 08, 2010, at 08:54 AM EST