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Under the Sub-Domains option, you can create extra subdomains (eg, the www part of that have either seperate web sites on them, or point to other servers that you own. By default you will already have a www domain created.

The first options on the page allow you to set some defaults for the domain. Setting a wildcard for the domain will allow to be resolved to the domain you have selected as the default domain in the drop down above. Setting a ServerAlias for the root of the domain allows you to drop the subdomain totally when accessing your website. (eg.

Creating a new subdomain

This section allows you to set various types of host entries.

'Subdomain name': This is the subdomain name (eg, mail or www).
'IP address or CNAME': Enter the IP address of your server, or leave as default. A CNAME or alias can be added which is simply another entry that has already been entered.
'IPv6': Basic IPv6 support can be added.
'Generate vHost': If this is going to be a seperate web site then click yes. If this is going to point to another server, select no.
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